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Lo Shu Grid Kundli

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Lo-shu is a magic square in which the sum of the three numbers will be 15–row wise, column wise and diagonally. It is ancient chinese phenomenon in which man's interaction with the five elements such as Earth, Water, Fire, Wood and Metal is analyzed. In Lo–shu the birth date is the key factor based on which the impact of the five natural elements on the concerned person is studied. Each metal is associated with a particular number. Each digit in the persons birth date is associated with the corresponding element and the missing factor is known. By entering the date of birth below, the missing element and its effect on the concerned person is ascertained. Remedial measures to counter the lack of elements for the person are also suggested. A Lo Shu Grid Calculator is a 9 box chart with each box containing one number, 1 to 9. As per Numerology there are 9 numbers which completes all the qualities a person should have to live a great life. During Numerology consultation a Numerologist first creates your Lo Shu Grid and finds out which qualities you’re missing as per your Date of birth. A Lo Shu Grid is filled with Date of Birth digits, Main Planet Number, Life path Number and Destiny Number, which are calculated from Date of Birth and Name of a person. A Lo Shu Grid is needed to find Missing Numbers. Many people face problems in their lives related to health, wealth, prosperity, relationships, etc. All these aspects are covered in your Lo Shu Grid within 9 boxes. As per your date of birth a Lo Shu Grid is created and we find what aspects are already covered in the boxes. For the missing numbers you may be facing issues in your life. The numbers in your Lo Shu grid also completes the Lo Shu Planes, these planes tells us in which aspects of life you are strong and which aspects are weak. Lo Shu grid also tells us the impactful numbers in our life. Numbers might be repeated in Lo Shu Grid, which tells us which numbers are powerful in your life. As there are 9 numbers in a Lo Shu Grid, your date of birth calculation will fill numbers from 1 to 9, but it happens that after all calculations your Lo Shu Grid may have some numbers missing, these numbers are called Missing Numbers. These numbers are helpful in finding why you may be facing problems with some aspects of your life. For missing numbers we can do remedies and help you move out of challenges in your life. Not all the numbers need to be present, neither all numbers need remedies for them.

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