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Carnelian Small Tree / कार्नेलियन छोटा पेड़

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Brand Astro Achrya Deeppak
Matirial Stone , Wooden
Weight 8.50 Gram
Hieght / Length 3.25

Pre Activated

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Price: Rs. 201.00

Product Description

यह जातक के अंदर शारीरिक शक्ति का भी पूर्ण रुप से विकास करता हैजिन व्यक्तियों में प्रजनन क्षमता की कमी हैउन्हें कार्नेलियन उपरत्न को धारण करने से लाभ की प्राप्ति हो सकती हैव्यक्ति की नपुंसकता में कमी करता है और शारीरिक संबंधों को सुचारु रुप से चलाने में सहायता करता हैयौन शक्ति का विकास करता है.


•    It exalts the planet Mars.

•    It empowers & motivates you.

•    It makes you action-oriented & fearless.

•    It fills you with life force.

•    It improves lifestyle.

•    It helps in overcoming sexual anxieties.

•    It boosts up your physical stamina.

•    It makes you truthful & expressive.

•    It ignites your inner fire.

•    It enhances your skills & talents.

•    It fulfils your worldly desires.

•    It makes your personality, solid and authoritative.

Carnelian is the most appealing stone/bracelet. Mere gazing at it gives an instant stroke of energy. The powerful bracelet comes in a red-orange mixed hue and gentle-shaped carnelian beads. It is a masculine bracelet that puffs you up with the required energy. It gets you a perfect balance of materialism & spiritualism.

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