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Cat's Eye Ring / लहसुनिया अंगूठी

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Ring Size Adjustable
Metal Brass
Brand Astro Acharya Deeppak
Ring Weight 4.40 Gram

Pre Activated

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Price: Rs. 1300.00

Product Description

लहसुनिया स्टोन आपके आसपास की नेगेटिव एनर्जी को दूर करता है।


लहसुनिया स्टोन के लाभ

•         लहसुनिया स्टोन  पहनने के बाद आपके आसपास कोई नकारात्मक ऊर्जा नहीं आती।

•        लहसुनिया स्टोन  हर बुराई से आपकी रक्षा करता है। 


हमसे क्यों लें

हमारे द्वारा प्राप्त की गई लहसुनिया स्टोन को मंत्रोंद्वारा अभिमंत्रित कर पूरी विधिपूर्वक पूजन कर आपके पास भेजा जाएगा जिससे जल्द ही आपके सारे कष्ट दूर होंगें।



Cat's Eye stone is a very effective stone yet easily available. It is the stone which appeases planet Jupiter.


It removes fear from the native and brings divine grace upon the wearer. People with lack of confidence should always wear this stone to have a strong approach towards life.

It prevents one from accidents and untimely death.


Benefits of energized Cat's Eye Stone

Even if one is under strong pressure and negative situations, this stone has the power to bring back the native to safety.

1.      One is saved from black magic and all evil eyes.

2.      One cannot harm a person wearing Cat's Eye stone with black magic.

3.      At Astro Acharya Deeppak it is energized by chanting mantras and then only it is sent to you.

4.      It also regulates blood flow and gives relief to eye problems.

बुद्धिर्बलम यशो धैर्यम

निर्भयत्वम अरोगता

अजाडयम वाक्पटुत्वम

हनुमत स्मरणात भवेत

This is the mantra chanted 2100 times upon the stone to give you great self-confidence and win over enemies and all negative situations.

So don’t wait and buy Cat's Eye Stone now.


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